Project overview

Your Source for Safe and Sustainable Lubricant Innovation

SITOLUB seeks to develop cutting-edge digital tools and platforms that integrate cutting-edge technologies in characterization, simulation, and data analytics, to enable the Safe and Sustainable by Design approach for lubricant development.

SITOLUB is poised to transform the landscape of lubricant engineering by ensuring safety, functionality, and sustainability.



Establishing seamless connectivity among characterization data, simulation models, and data analytics tools.

Advanced Modeling

Developing sophisticated models for evaluating lubricant safety, functionality, and sustainability.

Reliable Data Generation

Employing innovative data augmentation techniques to enhance existing databases and experimental data.


Integrating our models into the 
i-TRIBOMAT test bed for comprehensive validation.


Collaborating with external users to validate the effectiveness and reliability of the SITOLUB solution.


Leveraging our models for continued advancements and real-world applications.


Meet Our Team

SITOLUB brings together universities, research institutions, and businesses to spearhead the development and modelling of sustainable lubricants. Drawing upon diverse expertise in fields such as biology, chemistry, and materials science, we pioneer groundbreaking solutions.

Our partnerships with industry pioneers and end-users guarantee that our innovations are tailored to meet market demands and make a tangible difference in the real world. Together, we are revolutionising the lubricant industry towards a more sustainable future.